Hyannis, MA – August 19, 2010 – At Lake Washington School District, a suburban school district in Kirkland, Redmond and Sammamish, Washington, student performance is high with 71% of graduates enrolling in college. Ensuring that all students are well prepared for the future, however, calls for continuing to provide the best staff and instructional tools. With the recent adoption of RM’s Learning Platform, this district of 24,000 students and 51 schools is facilitating communication throughout the learning community and encouraging greater collaboration in producing and delivering personalized lessons in a whole new way.

“Assuring that every student is future-ready and prepared for college, the global workplace and personal success when they graduate requires Lake Washington staff to have access to a content management system to facilitate the planning and delivery of personalized activities” said Dr. Chip Kimball, Lake Washington superintendent. “We have a lot of great programs in place but we needed a system that allowed us manage content delivery while building data systems to easily measure student growth and success and keep the entire community informed.”

RM Learning Platform is a full-featured and easy to use learning management system and education portal, designed specifically for K-12 schools and districts. RM Learning Platform contains a powerful content management and delivery system for both teachers and learners with tools for planning and delivery of lessons that enables dramatic transformation of school culture and learning outcomes. It provides the tools for every stakeholder to work together to raise student achievement; facilitating communication throughout the learning community and encouraging greater collaboration in producing and delivering personalized lessons.

John Vaille, Chief Technology Officer at Lake Washington School district indicated, “RM Learning Platform was selected for a number of reasons. It provided the most functionality, is based on Microsoft Sharepoint which is critical for our district and most importantly, we selected RM for their commitment to work with us to customize their solution to meet our specific needs.”

“RM Learning Platform has proven to deliver strong results in our implementation in Scotland, the world’s only nationwide learning platform implementation, and in a wide variety of schools in England” said Kevin Pawsey, CEO of RM Education, US. “It is exciting and gratifying to see a premier district like Lake Washington adopt RM Learning Platform and we look forward to working closely with them to meet their goal of Every Student Future Ready.”

To learn more about RM Education, or to request a copy of their new 2010 catalog, Re-Imagining Education and Learning, please visit www.rmeducation.com or call toll-free (866) 728-6758.

About Lake Washing School District:
Located between Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains, Lake Washington School District prides itself in providing an excellent education for all of its 25,000 K-12 students. The district is comprised of 31 elementary schools, 12 junior high schools and 8 high schools and is the sixth largest in the state. Lake Washington School District is known nationwide as a leading district focused on creating an environment for 21st century learning, where technology is used to support all students’ learning. Dr. Chip Kimball, Lake Washington School District Superintendent, was recently named one of the top ten superintendents from around the nation who best exemplify outstanding leadership in the use of technology to further educational goals, as announced by eSchool News (eSN).

About RM: Founded in 1973, in Oxford, England, RM is a worldwide leader in development of outstanding educational tools, technologies and services that engage students and inspire learning. RM is one of Europe’s largest and most respected suppliers of technology-based curriculum products for education, supplying thousands of schools in six different countries including the United States. RM Education is the United States division of RM and is located in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

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