Teens sue Facebook over ‘like’ button

The lawsuit also alleges that Facebook tells advertisers that when a user “likes” a product, the action results in more click-throughs by the user’s friends.

“The apparent endorsement of a good or service in an advertisement by one member who is recognizable to other persons will generate higher ‘click-throughs’ and greater revenues to a paying advertiser, and thereby to Facebook,” the lawsuit reads.

“Facebook encourages its members to communicate such ‘likes,’ characterizing these indications of like as something that contributes to the social nature of communication within the Facebook network. Facebook then uses this information for targeted marketing of endorsement ads to the effect that ‘[your friend] Billy Smith likes this product.’ In the forgoing example, Billy Smith is a Facebook member and a child whose name (and often likeness) is being used to endorse paid advertisements without legal consent.”

A Facebook representative said the social networking company will “fight [the lawsuit] vigorously.”

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