Facebook sent a letter Thursday to key lawmakers emphasizing the company’s support for strong investments in science, technology and mathematics education for children, according to The Hill. The letter refers to the America Competes Act, which is awaiting reauthorization in the Senate. A version of the bill has already passed the House. In the letter, Facebook argues improving science and math education is vital to protecting America’s economic security in the 21st century. “The shortage of students entering STEM careers has long been recognized in Washington, Silicon Valley, and beyond. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. high school seniors recently tested below the international average for 21 countries in math and science and fewer American students than ever are graduating from college with math and science degrees,” the letter states. “The situation is not much better at the higher educational levels,” it continues, adding that the disparities are “striking” because of the country’s shortage of technology-savvy employees.

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