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26 Meet Simon, the teaching robot

He and other machines are helping with elementary instruction.

What’s News

1 Digital-divide efforts under siege

1 Net neutrality plan raises concerns

6 Schools get $10B to save education jobs

10 New copyright ruling affects media-studies programs

14 Feds to create an Online Learning Registry

16 Tech takes formative assessment to a new level

27 ‘Race to the Top’ spurs school-reform debate

1 How ‘process management’ can improve education

33 India unveils prototype of $35 tablet

34 Update: Google touts encrypted search fix

36 Microsoft recognizes innovative teachers


4 Default Lines — Dennis Pierce4 Your Turn

6 eSN Online Update

8 Security Checkpoint

38 Stakeholder Relations — Nora Carr

42 Netwatch

43 Tech Buyer’s Marketplace

44 Advertiser Showcase

46 Viewer’s Guide

46 eSchool Partners

eSN Special Report17 Advanced AnalyticsPredictive modeling software is helping schools cut

costs, improve efficiency, and strengthen education.

— Jennifer Nastu


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