SiteofWeek100610An extensive collection of internet safety resources maintained by educator Anne Bubnic for the California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) faced an uncertain future when the program lost its funding from the California Department of Education—but thanks to the efforts of, this important online directory will survive. ConnectSafely co-directors Anne Collier and Larry Magid have offered to host the collection at, inviting Bubnic to maintain the service as a contributing editor to the ConnectSafely web site. The collection includes some three dozen educational games for the classroom, culled from sources such as internet safety advocacy groups, law-enforcement organizations, and local, state, and national government agencies. In response to numerous classroom requests for bilingual information, Spanish resources also are included. “ConnectSafely is excited to be hosting this important resource,” Magid said. “The directory is a very valuable tool for educators, youth-risk practitioners, and parents, and we are pleased to offer it a permanent home.”

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Jeff Festa