Tucson, AZ – October 13, 2010 – JES & Co. a world leader in research, development, and deployment of education programs based on open standards, announced today that Microsoft has become a Premier Sponsor and founding worldwide partner of the Global Learning Resource Connection (GLRC). The GLRC will result in teachers and learners being able to seamlessly navigate related learning resources across national boundaries thus enriching the curricula in each nation while simultaneously providing the means for relating learning outcomes to educational resources such as student ePortfolios, professional development resources, and individual student learning plans.

The Global Learning Resource Connection exemplar solutions include:
•The Gateway to 21st Century Skills, the world’s oldest and the largest open access digital library of teaching and learning resources correlated to state and national curriculum standards. The Gateway is sponsored by the National Educational Association (NEA) and is provided at no cost to all teachers and educators worldwide
•The Achievement Standards Network (ASN) which enable states and countries to collect curriculum objectives and make them freely available for educators’ and publishers’ use
•The Open Metadata Registry, an open source service where education ministries, libraries, and publishers can share vocabularies, schemes, schemas and ontologies
•A set of tools and services to assist in the creation and use of GLRC solutions

“We are excited that Microsoft has become a Premier Sponsor of the GLRC and that Microsoft is taking such a leadership role in changing the way education resources are discovered and shared around the world,” explained Diny Golder, Executive Director of JES & Co. “As active members of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Microsoft and JES & Co. share the goal of defining and using interoperability standards to build the next generation of educational systems and products.”

About JES & Co.

JES & Co., a publicly funded 501(c) (3) education research organization, is a leader in research and deployment of education programs based on open standards. With 20 years of experience in interoperability and portability of educational resources, organizations around the world come to JES & Co. for leadership and guidance on education programs and initiatives. Since its establishment in the early 1990s, JES & Co. has led and managed The Achievement Standards Network (ASN), The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, The Gateway to 21st Century Skills (formerly known as GEM), the Dell Academy, the Intel Student Certification Program, and Microsoft’s Partners in Learning. For more information about JES & Co. or the Global Learning Resource Connection, visit www.JESandCo.org.

About the GLRC

The Global Learning Resource Connection (GLRC) is a public-private collaboration which brings to fruition the ongoing work between JES & Co., a U.S. 501(c) (3) education research organization, corporate sponsors, and education agencies worldwide. Leading the initial public corporate involvement is founding worldwide partners, Microsoft, Cisco, Cengage/Gale, the National Education Association, and other leading corporations in process. The GLRC ties together several significant semantic web technologies developed through funding from the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Education and are designed to support cyber learning. The GLRC supports the implementation of the mapping of major collections of learning resources in systems around the world to machine-readable expressions of the learning outcomes based on the Achievement Standards Network (ASN) modeling and technical framework. The Gateway to 21st Century Skills is the largest US repository of teaching and learning resources and is sponsored by the National Education Association (NEA) serving its 3.2 million members. The GLRC work will implement the international linking of resources through trans-jurisdictional mapping of learning outcomes by means of Semantic Web/Linked Data principles for teacher/learner access and use. For more information about the GLRC, contact Terry Smithson at TerryS@JESandCo.org or visit us at www.JESandCo.org

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