SiteofWeek102710 The National Archives has created a new web site to help educators teach with primary-source documents. The site, called DocsTeach, not only lets teachers explore documents in a variety of media from the National Archives holdings, but it also includes online tools to help teachers combine these materials and create engaging history activities for students. DocsTeach combines access to more than 3,000 primary-source materials from the National Archives‹items such as George Washington’s draft of the Constitution, the canceled check for Alaska, Chuck Yeager’s notes on the first supersonic flight, and President Richard Nixon’s resignation letter‹with the interactive capabilities of the internet in ways that teachers who have tested the site say have great potential for the classroom. The seven tools featured on the site are designed to teach critical thinking skills as they relate to history exploration, such as weighing evidence, interpreting data, focusing on details, and so on. Each tool employs interactive components such as puzzles, scales, maps, and flow charts that teachers and students can tailor to their needs. On the site, teachers can (1) browse or search for primary-source documents and activities, (2) customize any history activity to fit the needs of their own classroom, (3) create a brand-new activity with its own web address from scratch, using one of the seven tools, and (4) save and organize activities in an account to share with students. After participating in a history activity, students can submit their work to their teacher via eMail.

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