Survey: Mobile learning at a tipping point

These schools are Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix; Paradise Valley Unified School District in Phoenix; St. Mary’s City School District in St. Mary’s, Ohio; Jamestown Elementary School in Arlington, Va.; and Onslow County School District in Jacksonville, N.C. Project Tomorrow’s report on mobile learning, which includes these best practices, is available here.

While it’s important to recognize and talk about these issues, students are already using mobile technology devices and “a whole host of other related applications and tools to implement their own vision for 21st-century learning, and they are not going to wait for the rest of use to catch up,” the report concludes.

“Let’s follow the lead of these Mobile Learning Explorers and pave a new path for 21st-century learning together,” it recommends.

Evans said the 2010-11 Speak Up survey has been open for two weeks and will focus on digital content, such as eTextbooks, as well as how to determine the quality of digital resources and how to evaluate these resources, how to evaluate high-quality online courses, and what technology parents have in their house for their child’s education and how they evaluate these home resources.


2009 Speak Up Survey

Project Tomorrow

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Don’t forget to visit the Interactive learning in the connected classroom resource center. Research has shown that technology can, indeed, help improve teaching and learning when used wisely-and companies have responded in kind, creating hardware, software, and other devices that give teachers innovative ways to engage students, improve retention, and make learning more interactive. Go to:

Interactive learning in the connected classroom

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