Teens read for pleasure, even in the digital age, reports the Washington Post. That’s how it looks here in a Rockville library, where 14-year-old Olivia Smith is propped in a comfy chair, deep into a Japanese novel genre called manga. She has already been reading on the computer for an hour, and later, when she texts her friends, she will still be turning pages between messages. “I’m sort of a bookworm,” she says. Recreational reading has changed for teens in an era of ebooks and laptops and hours spent online, but experts and media specialists say there are signs of promise in spite of busy lives and research findings that show traditional book reading is down.

“It’s not that they’re reading less; they’re reading in a different way,” says Kim Patton, president of the Young Adult Library Services Association. A detailed analysis into the trend on reading for fun – in books, newspapers and magazines – comes from researcher Sandra Hofferth, of University of Maryland, who analyzed the detailed daily time-use diaries of a nationally representative sample of children 12 to 18…

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