Thousands of students in the nation’s sixth-largest school district spent hours locked in their classrooms Wednesday after an unidentified woman called a South Florida radio station and said her husband might go to a campus and open fire with a gun, reports the Associated Press. The lockdown of all 300 Broward County schools was ordered after WFTL 850 AM employees found the station had earlier been sent an e-mail, perhaps by the husband, saying “something big was going to happen,” possibly at a post office or a school, said Pembroke Pines Police Capt. Daniel Rakofsky. The district has nearly 257,000 students, who were let go at their normal time. The man who sent the e-mail felt a connection to the politically charged and sometimes incendiary opinions of the station’s conservative radio talk show host, Joyce Kaufman, who is Republican U.S. Rep.-elect Allen West’s new chief of staff…

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