He also quoted the final passage from Percy Shelley’s “Masque of Anarchy”: “Rise like lions after slumber/In unvanquishable number/Shake your chains to earth, like dew/Which in sleep had fall’n on you/Ye are many-they are few.”

Duke had no Facebook friends–although by Wednesday afternoon, thousands of people responded to his earlier postings, many of them critical of Tuesday’s shooting. Others were more sympathetic, saying that Duke was driven to madness because of the difficult economy.

Duke had written something of a suicide note in his “About Me” section:

“My testament: Some people (the government sponsored media) will say I was evil, a monster (V) … no … I was just born poor in a country where the Wealthy manipulate, use, abuse, and economically enslave 95 percent of the population. Rich Republicans, Rich Democrats … same-same … rich … they take turns fleecing us … our few dollars … pyramiding the wealth for themselves.”