Suggestions from readers ranged from elementary math apps to assessment apps for teachers.

In our recent story, “10 of the best apps for education,” Assistant Editor Jenna Zwang listed several apps for mobile devices that can help classroom processes or present new ways to learn.

Many eSN readers weighed in with their own suggestions as well, naming not only their personal favorites, but also education apps that have been tried and tested with success in the classroom, and with administrators and teachers.

Here are some of our readers’ suggestions for the best apps for education.

For vocabulary and prep work:

Mystery Me is a great vocabulary builder, and Middle School Prep is another,” says a reader identified as elphie23. “My students don’t mind working on vocabulary when it is game-oriented. I also like MyScratchWork, because this app allows access to internet sites with a note-taking device on the side. Students can take notes on a site, then change the site to another without switching screens—all of their notes are in one place.”

Elphie23 continued: “My colleagues and I created a wiki with nine pages of apps for classroom use. Some are for Health & PE teachers. It can be seen at”

“Also, ABC Tracer and Bee Spelled,” suggests Matt Mello, director of technology for Holly Area Schools in Michigan—a district that currently has around 100 iPads, 50 of which are used in the elementary grades.

For math:

“If you’re looking for a fun alternative to flash cards for learning math facts, try Tic Tac Math Universal,” wrote mathevangelist. “Tic Tac Math combines the fun and familiar strategy game of Tic Tac Toe with solving math equations. It’s available in Universal (math facts), fractions, and algebra versions. And it uses artificial intelligence to generate random game grids, so there is no multiple choice to help the player.”

“Also Math Bingo,” says Mello.