Hyannis, MA –January 3, 2011 – RM Education, the U.S. division of RM, a worldwide supplier of technology-based curriculum products for K-12 schools, today released RM Easiteach Next Generation
for the Macintosh. This latest version of the award-winning software program brings to Mac users many of the new and exciting features that were previously limited to Windows users.

RM Easiteach is a complete whole-class teaching and learning application that works with any interactive whiteboard, slate, projector or student response system to put the teacher in control forcreating and delivering exciting lessons and resources. Hundreds of thousands of teachers across the United States have integrated RM Easiteach whole-class software tools into their curriculum, enabling them to easily create and present teaching and learning resources that incorporate text, clipart, animations, video, Flash files, and hyperlinks.

The Mac version of RM Easiteach Next Generation offers many of the new features that have been critically acclaimed in the Windows version. There are over thirty new features including Easiteach
widgets, the first “apps” for interactive whiteboards and slates; “.iwb” file support, a common file format for use with any interactive whiteboard software; and over 250 interactive lessons and graphic organizers. RM Easiteach NG presents a new and improved design, providing intuitive navigation and easy access to its toolbars and widgets that facilitate the creation of whole-class teaching activities to fit with specific learning objectives. It has been designed to support all lessons and is useful in any educational setting, regardless of student age or ability.

As part of its continual upgrade process, RM has also launched RM Easilearn (www.easilearn.com), an online space that provides free downloadable resources and activities, product updates, and video
tutorials. There is no charge to take advantage of these valuable features that further enrich the Easiteach experience for both teachers and students.

RM Easiteach Next Generation provides the tools to help educators get the most from their investment in whiteboards and whole class teaching technologies. Built-in content packs provide a range of readymade lessons in a range of topic areas, or teachers can use the vast array of toolsets to create their own. With core tools for text, drawing and video combined with a growing range of curriculum focused activity builders and widgets, RM Easiteach Next Generation makes it easy for teachers to create and deliver interactive lessons that will captivate and educate e ery student.

“We are thrilled to be releasing RM Easiteach Next Generation for Macintosh,” said Kevin Pawsey, chief executive of RM’s U.S. division. “RM Easiteach can serve as the common application platform for all whiteboards, slates and projectors in a district, making this the one essential program of any 21st Century classroom. We realized that for Easiteach to be truly universal it needed to work with any computer. Now with the new Macintosh version any school in the United States can take advantage of the power and convenience of RM Easiteach.”

Schools with previous Macintosh versions of Easiteach can receive a free upgrade to Easiteach Next Generation by calling RM Education at 866-728-6758 no later than January 31, 2011. To learn more about Easiteach Next Generation please visit www.easiteach.com/usa.

About RM: Founded in 1973 in Oxford, England, RM is a worldwide leader in development of outstanding educational tools, technologies and services that engage students and inspire learning. RM is one of Europe’s largest and most respected suppliers of technology-based curriculum products for education, supplying thousands of schools in six different countries including the United States. RM Education is the United States division of RM and is located in Hyannis, Massachusetts. RM Education can be contacted at 866-728-6758 or on the web at www.RMeducation.com.

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