Survey reveals educators’ must-have technologies

The technology also appears at the top of teachers’ “must-have” list—17 percent of all teachers report that interactive whiteboards are a resource they do not have but want.

“In some ways, part of the appeal of whiteboards is that teachers can understand pretty quickly the potential value there,” Grunwald said. “[The devices] can help do some of the same things they’re already doing, but also at the same time, with the right kind of training, allow them to do some things they aren’t doing.”

Educators are probably more comfortable using interactive whiteboard technology, and the technology offers “a way to keep a pretty strong hand on the flow of activity in the classroom,” he added.

Ninety-three percent of teachers who use interactive whiteboards say the technology helps them be more effective, 83 percent say it increases student motivation, 78 percent say it stimulates student discussions, 75 percent says it stimulates student creativity, and 70 percent say it is directly related to student achievement.

“The popularity of interactive whiteboards could be another indication of the internet’s importance as a platform for technology-based instruction, since whiteboards can be a vehicle to access online instructional and professional development resources,” the report says.

Video in classrooms

Seventy-six percent of responding teachers said they stream or download TV and video content, up from 55 percent in 2007’s survey. Teacher access to video content is changing, and 24 percent of teachers access content stored on a local server, while only 11 percent reported doing so in 2007. Twenty-nine percent said they use short video segments (three to five minutes in length) during class time.

Laura Ascione

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