To help meet the demand for better science instruction in the nation’s schools, PBS TeacherLine has teamed up with NASA to offer a series of free, self-paced professional development modules around the topic of global climate change. These three- to five-hour online modules are intended to increase teachers’ knowledge of the science behind global climate change and give them classroom resources to share with their students.

As of press time, there were four of these modules available to teachers. The first module offers an introduction to global climate change and discusses the evidence of climate change from different parts of the Earth. It also considers what it means to live on a planet with a dynamically changing climate.

The second module explores the relationship between the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere and the historical record of global temperatures to help teachers explore whether humans are responsible for global climate change, and to what extent.

The third module helps teachers make the topic more immediately relevant to students by examining local climate data, and the fourth module looks at other scientific theories about global climate change, such as whether variable energy output or the Earth’s nearest star might be responsible.

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Jeff Festa