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Free web tools help engage students of all ages.


Although the 2011 Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) conference urges educators to explore how limitless technology can transform education, presenters and attendees also acknowledge the tough budget situation that schools across the nation are facing.

Doing more with less has become a mantra among technology enthusiasts, and in turn, free resources are more popular than ever.

On Feb. 10, technology integration specialists Jenni Keith and Sarah Daugherty from Coppell Independent School District in Coppell, Texas, presented a round-up of free web tools to a packed room.

WebList is a tool that gathers different resources and aggregates them under one main URL. Users can collect different websites, images, documents, and videos in an editable list. Each resource receives its own URL, but users can send the main URL to colleagues and share all resources in one place.

TypeWith.Me lets users collaborate in real time in a chat-like format. One user creates a document and sends the URL to others, and each user types in a different color. Users can import and export text files, websites, and documents for collaborative learning, brainstorming, and editing. Students can collaborate with one another on projects or group study sessions, and revisions are saved. A time slider function lets users and teachers view the chat progression.

Laura Ascione

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