CoSN’s crystal ball: Get ready for mobile learning, cloud computing

“If there was one book I’d suggest that school leaders read, it’s Tony Wagner’s Making the Grade: Reinventing America’s Schools,” she suggested. “It’s no-nonsense, easy to read, and has some very practical advice and steps on how to integrate some of these key trends.”

After asking her staff and leaders to read these books, everyone helped to develop a 21st-century skills comparison chart, comparing the proficiency of skills mastered among the district’s different schools and how these skills are supported.

“After taking these sort-of ‘starter’ steps, then the report, as well as CoSN’s 2010 toolkit, became an extremely useful guide—not just for those automatically in-the-know,” said Williamson.

CoSN’ 2011 toolkit will have 2 components:

  1. A presentation template that provides a PowerPoint overview of the report. The Notes View will have a suggested script for use in group discussions. There will also be a discussion facilitator’s guide with questions to stimulate group thinking about the report and new technologies, said CoSN.
  2. Discussion activities to engage stakeholders in dialogue to identify local instructional and education challenges and consider whether emerging technologies might have the potential to address them.

The toolkit, along with the Horizon Report, will be released May 17. It will be available for downloading free of charge at


CoSN 2011


Meris Stansbury

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