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My First FrontRow Program Offers 50% off Classroom Amplification Solutions for First-Time School Buyers

PETALUMA, CA, March 16, 2011 – FrontRow, a leading developer of classroom sound amplification systems, announced today the launch of the My First FrontRow program, a promotion to offer first-time FrontRow buyers 50% off the MSRP of any FrontRow classroom amplification solution. Any school in the US or Canada that has never purchased a FrontRow solution, or has not purchased in the last five years, is eligible to purchase their first system at 50% off.
The My First FrontRow program is designed to allow schools that are interested in classroom amplification the ability to purchase a system at a significantly reduced cost where budgets may have previously been an issue. It also allows schools to purchase and assess the benefits of classroom amplification without having to commit to a trial period where they would either be required to return the solution, or pay full price after the evaluation period is over.
“The My First FrontRow program is a great way for schools to test and understand the power of classroom amplification solutions without having to invest in the full amount of the product,” says Jens Holstebro, President of FrontRow. “Research regarding higher achievement levels, lower behavioral problems and overall information comprehension and retention are proven with classroom amplification solutions, however ‘hearing is believing.’”
The My First FrontRow program applies to the FrontRow Pro Digital, Lasso, ToGo and Symbio classroom amplification solutions. Installation costs for installed systems are not included in this promotion and are at the discretion of FrontRow Authorized Resellers and Installers. For more information about the My First FrontRow program contact your local FrontRow Authorized Reseller, visit or call toll free at 800-227-0735 in the US and 800-340-9894 in Canada.
FRONTROW is a division of Phonic Ear — whose wireless technology has helped build more engaging learning environments since the mid-1960s. The FRONTROW division has focused on using classroom amplification (soundfield) technology to improve students’ listening success — resulting in better behavior, comprehension, test scores, and teacher vocal health. FrontRow is part of the William Demant Group, founded in 1904 as a hearing aid company. Listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (CSE3247), William Demant comprises a group of international companies that develop, manufacture, and sell innovative and highly advanced technological solutions in the hearing healthcare and educational field. Through 45 Group companies located in over 20 countries, consolidated group sales exceed US$1 billion. For more information, please visit
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