March 15th, 2011, Santa Clara, CA. Many California educators, as a result of the on-going budget crises, woke up today to find some disturbing news. Dubbed “Red Tuesday” by some, as many as 20,000 teachers will be losing their jobs over the next year as a result of today’s layoff notices. Many are shocked; some are calling for political action, the bottom line: education in California is in danger.

As disturbing as the news was, the event was not unprecedented. Just two years ago, California districts handed out 26,500 layoff notices to teachers. Today’s layoff count is just the beginning, and may even exceed that number.

Despite these crises, California needs to continue educating our children. Teachers serve a vital role in child development, and without them, the education system cannot survive. Novachi, a free SIS/LMS provider based in Santa Clara, CA, is committed to helping ease the education budget problem, and to improving the education of our children.

Novachi applies enterprise technology commonly relied upon in the business sector to automate the education process from the district level on down to the student and parent. Novachi can save districts millions of dollars per year through our free student information system (SIS), which includes CALPADS support for California State reporting. The Novachi education system provides a free learning management system (LMS) where educators, students, and parents can safely collaborate beyond classroom walls.

Events like today’s massive layoffs can be minimized as districts can apply millions in savings from maintaining legacy SIS and reduction in school supplies to keeping more teachers in the classroom. Migrating to a new system can incur cost in itself. Novachi helps to minimize this impact by providing free migration, training, and technical support for districts who need to migrate.

Parents and teachers can make a difference by asking their school and district to review available free solutions. Switching to Novachi’s free system this year can have a large impact on education budgets in the coming 2011-2012 academic year. For more information, visit Novachi’s website at


Jonathan Nemeth
Novachi Inc.


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