Herff Jones-Nystrom, a publisher of hands-on and technology-based social studies products for K-12 education, has updated its StrataLogica product with new features and functionality. The product presents curriculum-based content in an interactive and collaborative learning environment by helping educators and students create, share, and collaborate on assignments and products, and educators are now able to share product-based content on social media sites as well.

Inspiration Software’s Webspiration Classroom is a new online thinking and collaborating tool that takes the company’s software into the cloud. Developed to keep students from falling behind in English and language arts, Webspiration Classroom offers visual tools to help students plan their essays and improve their writing skills online, from any internet-connected computer, Inspiration said.

iParadigms demonstrated Turnitin2, the latest version of its plagiarism detection software. Turnitin2 features GradeMark, which lets students view their marked and graded submissions after the assignment post date set by the instructor has passed. PeerMark, another Turnitin feature, facilitates peer review of student papers by enabling students to review and respond to their classmates’ work using topic guidelines and metrics.

Ken-a-Vision’s new “kena” digital microscope connects to a computer via a USB port and easily disconnects from its base to offer a more portable lens. The detachable head makes it easy to magnify a variety of objects in the classroom, while the base allows for easy viewing of slides. It’s built to withstand even the clumsiest of hands, the company says, and it’s simple to maneuver and magnify objects. Students can use it during experiments or to show the rest of the class anything they’ve found that is interesting.

Kurzweil Educational Systems showcased the Kurzweil 3000 Version 12 for Windows, an all-in-one reading, writing, and study skill support software that helps struggling readers to learn from the same content as their peers. The software supports the principles of Universal Design for Learning and is used in Response to Intervention programs, Kurzweil said.

Learn360 provides K-12 educators and students with streaming video, audio, and accompanying support materials—including more than 8,900 digital video titles that are correlated to state standards. Teachers and students can search for content by subject area, grade level, or the standards they are looking to meet. The company recently partnered with Film Clips for Character Education to add more than 100 fully licensed film clips from award-winning Hollywood movies. The clips come with teacher guides to help teach character education for students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. The clips address a wide range of common problems in today’s schools, from bullying and peer pressure to respecting diversity.

Lesson Planet displayed its search engine for teachers, which lets educators search from more than 350,000 teacher-reviewed online lessons and worksheets; narrow searches by grade, rating, subject, and more; differentiate instruction with lesson plans tailored to students’ learning styles; and share strategies and resources with fellow educators.

MindPlay previewed a phonemic awareness tool that will launch in March and is intended to accompany MyReadingCoach. The phonemic awareness tool is for children who are not quite ready for phonics. The tool has been piloted in schools throughout the nation and will featured 44 instructional lessons.

Netop introduced Vision 7, the latest version of its classroom-management software. The new version improves the software’s usability by adding text labels and bubbles that pop up to explain certain features when you scroll over them, Netop says. Teachers can use the Demo button to share their computer screen with students, and they can use a button called Showcase Student to allow a single student to share his or her screen with the class. A button called Live View lets teachers supervise a selected computer in a new, larger window in real time. Netop also highlighted its GAP (General Assistance Program) grants, which help educators integrate Vision into their classrooms. Grants range in value from $150 to $1,100, depending on the size of the implementation; more information is available at www.netop.com/ngage.

netTrekker launched igotta, a personalized online workspace for students to organize, analyze, and use the information they find from netTrekker’s kid-friendly search engine or from other online sources to create reports, writing assignments, presentations, and projects. The product combines note-taking features, citation tools, and outlining tools in a single cloud-based environment, netTrekker says. It will be sold as a separate product according to a subscription-based model.