New program brings solar panels, and education, to schools

Johnson Controls will install solar photovoltaic panels at 73 different Utah schools.

With energy efficiency becoming a universal concern, it seems natural that the conversation should move to schools. Johnson Controls’ Solar for Schools program brings the focus to the scientific application of solar energy both inside and outside of the classroom.

Solar for Schools has been enacted throughout Utah to teach students “the value of renewable energy first hand.” Johnson Controls was selected by the Utah State Energy Program to install solar photovoltaic panels at 73 different schools throughout the state, with at least one set-up in each school district.

The program also includes an educational component, and now Johnson Controls is rolling out the initiative nationwide as well.

“The overall goal for Solar for Schools is to touch every student in the state as they go through the K-12 program, inform them about renewable technologies and how they work, and to try and increase interest in engineering, math, and sciences,” said Bruce Munson, a Johnson Controls representative.

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The installation of the panels accompanies an energy education curriculum, in which students can track live data from the solar panels but also learn about solar, wind, and geothermal technologies.

Laura Wheeler, a teacher at Morgan Middle School, said that the labs are equally suitable for a variety of age groups.

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