Speak Up survey highlights gaps in support of ed tech

“Our schools are still not meeting the needs of students in terms of using technology for learning—at least not in the eyes of the students who are the clients in this environment,” Evans said.

“We have much more work to do to more effectively leverage all of the emerging technologies to drive student achievement, and a good first place might be to tap into the ideas of the students directly,” she continued, nothing that this was the original motivation behind the Speak Up survey.

Another new trend that emerged in the survey responses was something that Evans called “parents as co-teachers”: A growing number of parents want access to digital curriculum tools for use with their children at home, to extend their children’s learning.

“Parents want more than just the school calendar on the [school’s] website,” Evans said. Or, as the report put it, “…Parents are increasingly leveraging technology to enable and empower their children’s educational destinies.”

Perhaps that’s why 52 percent of parents consider educational technology to be “extremely important” for their children’s success, compared with 37 percent of teachers.

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