Memidex offers millions of word definitions, etymology, and audio pronunciations

The free online dictionary and thesaurus Memidex has released what it calls the internet’s first combined index of external word definitions, audio, and etymology. Memidex now contains more than 12.5 million detailed references, its makers say—including 5.4 million word definitions, 5.3 million audio references, and 1.8 million etymology references. Each reference includes a title, a list of other associated terms, an excerpt or description of the resource, a link to the actual web page, and a link to cite that specific resource in various established bibliographic styles.

Each audio reference has a button to play the audio directly from the Memidex web page. Users have unlimited playback for audio from open-license sources such as Wikipedia and Wiktionary, and one playback per session for copyright-protected sources. Most of the audio is for pronunciation, Memidex says, while other audio files demonstrate or describe the associated term.

Besides its millions of reference links, Memidex also features tools such as auto-suggest, filtering, and support for mobile devices—making it an easy way to find and compare online word definitions, synonyms, etymology, and audio pronunciation.

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