Next for education: Teacher avatars

“Now I have an interactive avatar that is a subject matter expert, and because it’s web-based and interactive, this subject matter expert could be an interactive tutor to a student,” Davidson said.

Intelligent avatars also might have their place in professional education. Davidson said one application might appear in a health-care organization that creates an intelligent avatar that is an expert in childhood obesity.

“I would populate all the information and content into the AI frame and supplement it with frequently asked questions, articles, and reference information,” he said. “Now, parents can go interact with this subject-matter expert, which might serve to give them tips or information on how to prevent or avoid childhood obesity.”

Although intelligent avatars created in a teacher’s likeness might prompt some to wonder how necessary teachers themselves might become in the near future, Davidson said Intellitar doesn’t foresee avatars replacing teachers anytime soon.

Laura Ascione

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