Spring Station Middle School owes its success to ‘trying different things’

Has your school noticed an increase in student performance and/or motivation as a result of this technology use? If so, how?

Student motivation and time spent on task have increased when students are able and allowed to use iPods, digital cameras, clickers, interactive whiteboards, laptops, and video cameras. When technology tools are integrated into learning at SSMS, students generally evaluate their own engagement levels at the high end of authentic engagement, compared to when the tools are taken away. With regard to student performance, we will not see a detailed growth measurement until next year; SSMS is a brand-new school as of the 2010-11 school year.

How does your school use technology to streamline school administration and aid in decision-making?

SSMS issues a laptop to every teacher so they may easily transport their work from place to place when they are lesson planning, collaborating, and/or working toward school goals. The school administration uses online message boards and Google forms and surveys to solicit feedback from faculty and staff when making school-level decisions and changes.

Has your school realized an increase in efficiency, a savings in administrative costs, a boost in staff or student performance, or some other tangible benefits as a result of this technology use? If so, how?

Efficiency has increased when it comes to feedback time. Surveys have been conducted via Google forms to solicit feedback to certain queries that influence the school at large. These are administered in an online format, answered at the responders’ leisure, and responses are placed into graphs and charts for interpretation.

Using the free Google apps helps us save in terms of administrative costs.

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