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Binghamton City School District Adopts ‘TestWiz’ to Help with the Processing and Reporting of Student Assessment Data

Successful summer pilot program leads to implementation of online assessment analysis program throughout the district

Harvard, MA, April 21, 2011 – Binghamton City School District recently implemented TestWiz, a web-based testing analysis and reporting tool, to help expedite the student assessment reporting process for K–10 classrooms in the district. Created by dataMetrics, a Massachusetts-based company specializing in test processing and reporting software for K–12 educational institutions, TestWiz allows district personnel to use the program’s plain paper scanning technology to quickly analyze student assessment outcomes.

The district initially began using TestWiz as a pilot program with middle school summer session students. Impressed by the functionality of the program, the district chose to replace their internal data collection system and expand their use of TestWiz to assist with the scanning, processing and reporting of student benchmark results.

“TestWiz has provided our district with a viable solution for managing and analyzing our students’ assessment data in an efficient and cohesive manner,” said Michael Purdy, Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Services at Binghamton City School District. “In addition to real-time reporting, we have been able to better meet the needs of both our teachers and students by creating customized scan sheets that are used during the benchmark assessments.”

TestWiz is designed to help educators track and analyze all of the different types of assessments given in K-12 school systems. This hosted, low-cost solution allows teachers and administrators to view, customize, and generate more than 40 types of reports used to analyze assessment data and drive individualized instruction.

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dataMetrics Software, Inc. is a privately-held Massachusetts company specializing in test processing and reporting software for educational institutions. Since its incorporation in 1994 with its launch of TestWiz, dataMetrics Software, Inc. has helped hundreds of districts make data-driven decisions in an effort to improve instruction and learning. TestWiz helps districts understand assessments from the ground up — from test processing, to scoring, to reporting and analyzing. For more information, visit dataMetrics Software at
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