Responding to current budget challenges, White Plains City School District made a district wide purchase of eTeachables™ for Visual Learning.
Sublime Learning’s eTeachables™ for Visual Learning provide on-line, practical, just-in-time professional learning focused on the effective use of Kidspiration® and Inspiration® to meet K-8 instructional goals. Through Sublime Learning’s portal, teachers have easy access to over 400 video tutorials that move beyond how-to instruction to help teachers effectively integrate technology into instruction. Districts across the nation are finding these tools to be a cost effective way to utilize their existing software tools to their fullest potential.
“Our staff is excited about eTeachables™ because they are clear and succinct, yet comprehensive.” stated Lucy Roman Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Business Education and Library Media Specialist, White Plains City School District. “Sublime Learning brings passion, creativity and knowledge as it inspires educators to more fully use technology to engage learners and address varying learning styles,”
“Education Secretary Arne Duncan indicated that reduced budgets are “the new normal” and for the next several years…educators are likely to face the challenge of doing more with less,” stated Jonathan Mann, Co-Founder of Sublime Learning. “We are proud that eTeachables™ for Visual Learning can help turn these challenges into opportunities so districts can secure and strengthen their technology and professional development investments.”
About Sublime Learning™
Sublime Learning™ delivers professional development focused on empowering teachers to use of technology more effectively to meet K-12 instructional goals. Integrating best practices of professional learning and effective teaching strategies, they offer just-in-time eTeachables, in-depth seminar bundles, and a portal to manage teacher learning resources. To find out more please go to:

Description of eTeachables™

Each eTeachable includes a 3- to 5-minute, narrated, video tutorial that models effective teaching and learning strategies, and a 1-minute differentiated instruction video to support inclusion. Also included in every eTeachable are related Inspiration or Kidspiration templates so teachers can immediately use the targeted strategy in the classroom.

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