Knight expands on his seven Partnership Principles for effective coaching at this exciting two-day conference.

Salt Lake City, UT – April 20, 2011 – Jim Knight, Research Associate at the University of Kansas, will share his vast knowledge on Instructional Coaching at the First Annual School Improvement Innovation Summit held July 11-13, providing attendees with numerous opportunities to implement and/or improve the coaching methodology in their districts.
Jim Knight has completed several research projects including an IES-funded qualitative and quantitative assessment of coaching; and a district-wide school reform project for the Topeka Public School District. At the Summit, he will expand on his seven Partnership Principles for effective coaching: Equality, Choice, Voice, Dialogue, Reflection, Praxis, and Reciprocity.
Joining Dr. Knight, will be Lizzy Kloiber, the Director of Secondary Education at Celina High School in Texas. She is responsible for the successful implementation of core curriculum coaches at her school and will articulate how curriculum coaches improve classroom instruction and staff cohesiveness.

“Quality instructional coaching can have a profound impact in schools.” said Chet Linton, CEO. “We are excited to have such an expert on the topic as Jim Knight present what his more than ten years of study and research reveal about the most effective methods in coaching at the Summit in July. ”

The School Improvement Innovation Summit brings together Knight and Kloiber along with educators from across the country to share their expertise on today’s vital professional learning issues, including Technology-based Professional Development, Instructional Coaching, Common Core State Standards, Equity, Teacher Evaluation, and other pertinent topics.

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