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Emeryville, Calif. (Apr. 26, 2011)Key Curriculum Press announces the release of TinkerPlots, Version 2, designed to get students in grades 4-8 excited about what they can learn from data. TinkerPlots enables teachers and students to create colorful, visual representations of data to help with analysis, pattern recognition and generally making sense of data. TinkerPlots is the optimal tool to help students master probability and statistics concepts while achieving the objectives of the Common Core State Standards.

Common Core Correlations for Probability and Statistics
Teachers can achieve several goals laid out by the Common Core State Standards for Probability and Statistics by using TinkerPlots in the classroom. Teachers can display numerical data in plots, give quantitative measures of center, generate multiple simulated samples to gauge variation, draw informal comparative inferences about two populations, develop a probability model and compare probabilities from the model to observed frequencies, find probabilities of compound events using simulation, represent sample spaces for compound events, or construct and interpret scatter plots for bivariate measurement data to investigate patterns of association between two quantities.

More ways to create, manipulate and measure data
The new version of TinkerPlots includes several features that empower teachers and students to create, manipulate and measure data. A Sampler Engine allows the user to design and run probability simulations. The sampler can include mixer, a spinner, stacks, bars, a curve, or counter devices to allow the user to set up events, and the probability of events, in different ways. After running the sampler, users can plot the results, giving a visual representation of the outcomes over many samples. This adds flexibility to the program, expanding its focus from data and statistics to incorporate probability. The new history measure tool allows users to discover how often certain outcomes occur when repeating a run of the sampler. The ruler tool measures distances between two values, including measures of center.

More visual cues for enhanced learning
In addition to data points, dates are now recognized as numbers and can be plotted on an axis. Users can also paste images into the plot background, allowing them to see locations plotted on a map. A new icon style called Value Circle displays icons sized proportionally to their values. Auto-Tile Layout makes all objects visible in a single, non-scrolling window; objects make room for one another rather than overlap. Users can switch to Scrolling-Overlap Layout if they need more space.

More tools for teachers
Ten new help videos introduce teachers to the new features of TinkerPlots Version 2, and demonstrate how to use them effectively. Four new tutorials – two focused on data and statistics and two focused on probability – help both teachers and students learn how to use TinkerPlots to study specific mathematical concepts. Sixteen new activities incorporating TinkerPlots Version 2 functionality have been written to enhance a dynamic study of probability, data and statistics. Sixteen new data sets (in addition to the previous 40) give teachers even more interesting and relevant data to explore with their students.

Awards for TinkerPlots
TinkerPlots has been recognized as one of the best software tools for educators. Prior to the extensive enhancements added in TinkerPlots Version 2, this software was awarded a Best Educational Software (BESSIE) Award in 2010, as well as an Education Software Review (EDDIE) Award in 2008 from ComputED Learning Center. TinkerPlots was also given a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor from the Parents’ Choice Foundation and an Award of Excellence from Technology & Learning magazine.

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