Florida Career College is known to possess one main purpose, its commitment to Education.

At Florida Career College, the focus is on the education and preparation of the students in order for them to play an intergral part of society once they have graduated. Many believe that a standard high school education is not enough to secure a job placement and so Florida Career College is a perfect example of a facility where a non-traditional post-secondary education may be obtained.

At Florida Career College you will find small classes, on-site practical laborities and experienced staff members. At Florida Career College you can experience an incredibly helpful and condusive atmosphere for learning. Furthermore this is the case in all departments, including healthcare, business, information technology and cosmetology. Experience has shown that these programs have managed to bring about links within the local business community, and this has resulted in more jobs being available for graduating students.

The Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) recognises 8 of the campuses while the 9th is accredited by the United States Department of Education along with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

It is very important to grasp that among the 1000’s of scholars attending Florida Career College every year, many come from largely uneducated backgrounds and are amongst the 1st members of their families to enter into post-secondary education in a bid to boost their skillset and achieve a more successful career. Florida Career College continues to be educating students for 28 years and aided by their excellent staff and curriculum, have helped many students reach all their goals and attain their dreams.

As an academic sector, career college scholars are mainly working adults hoping to realize the American dream by getting an education directly related to their professional goals.

In conclusion, give us the opportunity to notice that on average half of the scholars enrolled at Florida Career College are the very first members of their families to enter into higher education. Approximately three quarters of the student body are actively employed whilst studying. The higher graduation and post-graduation employment statistics are higher for Career Colleges than Community Colleges. Lastly, statistics show that graduates generally earn more money and tend to be more active within their communities than they would have without a higher education.

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Florida Career College (FCC)
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