Governor Mitch Daniels, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett, Honor “Most Valuable Class” in Apangea i2 Math Challenge

Indianapolis, IN (April 29, 2011) – Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett yesterday honored Mr. Jim Bryant of Danville Central Normal Campus’ class as the “Most Valuable Class” in the Apangea i2 Math Challenge. The Challenge featured head-to-head competition between Indiana’s students and Idaho’s students to see who could solve more math problems in the month of February. Indiana won by the Challenge by just one-tenth of one percent.

Mr. Bryant’s class, an alternative education class, won the “Most Valuable Class” award by solving 910 word problems in February. The class had a special private session with Governor Daniels before the public awards ceremony.

“This class showed all of the traits that make me proud to be a Hoosier,” Governor Daniels told the “Most Valuable Class” during his private session with them. “You displayed the ability to overcome obstacles, the ability to rise to the occasion, and good old-fashioned hard work.”

In his public remarks at the award ceremony, Superintendent Bennett agreed with the Governor. “I congratulate the students of Central Normal Campus for leading Indiana to victory in the i2 Math Challenge. Their tireless effort typifies the proud ‘Hoosier Spirit’ we have come to know and love on the basketball court, and, more importantly, in the classroom. Apangea Learning provided a worthwhile opportunity for our students to excel, and I’m happy to say Indiana rose to the occasion.”

The Challenge was hosted by Apangea’s differentiated online math program. Students from Mr. Bryant’s class spent over 235 hours on the program during the Challenge, leading one student to comment, “[our] radical success in math was derived from our hard work.”

Apangea Learning is a web-based math intervention program that provides differentiated instruction through a unique integration of tutoring technology and live, online certified teachers. The Indiana Department of Education began a pilot of Apangea Learning to target 35,000 “at risk” risk students for supplemental help this past school year. These students have shown high level of engagement, spending over 283,000 classroom hours and 100,000 hours outside the classroom doing solving math problems on the system.


About Apangea Learning: Apangea Learning ( is a pioneer in developing differentiated distance learning supported by live, certified US teachers for students in K-12. School districts purchase licenses for Apangea’s services and provide their students access during school and after hours from home. Based on one of the world’s largest bodies of longitudinal research on cognition originally conducted by the U.S. military, Apangea has proven effective in over 3,000 schools. The privately owned company is based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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