Combo program offers tools to raise college awareness and help middle and high school students improve core skills.


AUSTIN, Texas—-SureScore has recently released an enhanced version of Advancements in Learning, a classroom-based core curriculum package that boosts skill performance and promotes college readiness for middle and high school students. The upgraded offering combines math, reading and study skills lessons with 21st century college preparation and awareness activities to engage students and get them thinking about their futures.

Helping streamline grade-level and high school-postsecondary transitions are a host of research-based “real world” activities integrating terms, strategies and practical applications of math and language arts used in both college and workplace contexts. With input from educators, the program’s new design also offers increased user flexibility, with a single time-efficient package ideal for summer school, short-term or ongoing classroom interventions.

“Advancements in Learning reinforces critical literacy skills by transporting students beyond the classroom walls into the higher education and workplace environments,” says Roy Nieto, Founder and CEO of SureScore. “And, by incorporating study skills into the program, learners gain both core subject proficiency and the confidence they need to compete for college and real world jobs after graduation.”

Targets Key Points
With strong communications and applied math skills key to avoiding college remediation classes, a common dropout indicator, Advancements in Learning targets vocabulary, reading strategies, clear writing and the Algebra skills experts recognize as strong predictors of high school success and future college attendance. All students, including struggling and underserved learners, will get a leg up on higher education and workplace opportunities through activities focusing on scheduling, analyzing transcripts, crafting business emails, conducting employment interviews, and more.

Promotes Student-Centered Learning
Students with a variety of learning styles, including interpersonal, visual-spatial, audio, kinesthetic, and others, will be engaged by a range of activities that include presentations, hands-on, pair work, personal reflections and collaborative projects. Learners can craft their own pathways through instructional content via choices of writing and speaking prompts, creative art projects that help define terms and concepts, and personalized viewpoints on a variety of issues, such as their own strengths and weaknesses in test taking, writing or storytelling.

Supports the Teacher
SureScore partners with districts to ensure fidelity of implementation. Advancements in Learning includes a comprehensive six-hour teacher training workshop. Interactive sessions focus on integrating the program into existing classroom curriculum, methods for differentiating instruction, and using assessment tools for both formative and summative evaluation. Lessons also help raise teacher awareness of the college preparation process to get students thinking seriously early on about college readiness.
About SureScore
SureScore provides a support system to improve academic achievement and to increase the number of college-ready students. SureScore impacts the lives of students by increasing college readiness in public schools, particularly those serving economically disadvantaged students. Founded on the principle that college preparation should be accessible to all students – regardless of socio-economic background – the SureScore cost-effective educational model allows districts to reach more students through large-scale implementation. SureScore’s programs provide instruction and professional development in core enrichment, test preparation, and college and career planning.
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