Hingham, Massachusetts, April 29, 2011: RMA Electronics, a world-wide distributor for Fujinon Inc. is pleased to announce a new series of fixed focal lenses – in both manual iris and DC auto-iris versions specifically targeted for high-end, long-range surveillance requirements such as license plate inspection and traffic control. These lenses – currently available in either 35mm or 50mm fixed focal lengths, are suitable for cameras with up to 5-megapixel resolution. Further, they are 2/3” format for use on larger camera imagers, and are day/night (IR corrected) for eliminating any focus shift when used with day/night cameras.
Here are the current Fujinon models being offered:
HF35SR4A-1 2/3” 35mm F2.0 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens, Day/Night, 5-Megapixel 
HF35SR4A-SA1 2/3” 35mm F2.0 DC Auto-Iris C-Mount Lens, Day/Night, 5-Megapixel
HF50SR4A-1 2/3” 50mm F2.8 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens, Day/Night, 5-Megapixel 
HF50SR4A-SA1 50mm F2.8 DC Auto-Iris C-Mount Lens, Day/Night, 5-Megapixel

Pricing for these new lenses starts in the $500 range, and they are available for immediate shipment.

System integrators, OEMs, and end users can view all models, technical specifications, and pricing by visiting:

About RMA Electronics

Formerly known as Ronald A. Massa Associates, RMA Electronics was established in the year 1986. It started out as a Systems Integrator/Value Added Reseller and Manufacturer’s Representative specializing in selling vision, image processing and graphics products to OEM’s and end users. Today, the company has grown to becoming a worldwide distributor of industrial video, video security, and vision-related products, including companies such as Sony, Allied Vision Technologies (AVT), Hitachi, Pentax, Euresys, Kowa, and Fujinon.

About Fujinon Inc. – Part of FujiFilm, Fujinon’s CCTV division utilizes technology from company’s broadcast lens division, offering lenses that create high-quality pictures for all surveillance applications. Fujinon’s CCTV products include fixed focal length, vari-focal length, day/night lenses, and motorized zoom lenses.

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