ST. PETERSBURG, FL – May 9, 2011 In light of the current economic times with school systems undergoing significant budget cuts, Ident-A-Kid Services of America (ISA) offers schools an inexpensive and effective school security solution. Although many schools use visitor control software, there are still a number of them whose visitor control is just a sign-in sheet on a clipboard. Ident-A-Kid, known for providing parents child ID cards, donates its Complete Campus Security Solution (CCSS) software to schools throughout the nation as a community service. Used in conjunction with other security measures recommended by the U.S. Department of Education, this software can make a difference.

Since its introduction in 2004, CCSS software has been upgraded a number of times based on schools’ inputs. The biggest advantage for schools with this software is its ease of use, flexibility and low cost. This software is designed to run on a MS Windows PC in a kiosk mode, which requires minimal time and assistance from school administration and personnel. The school administrator or authorized personnel can change badge categories, add tracking features for each badge, and run a variety of reports. Some of the additional CCSS features are a visitor module with up to seven different categories, a student module to track students leaving early and arriving late, a frequent visitor list for quick check-in, a driver’s license scanner for new visitor verification, a camera for positive ID, a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader for speedy check in and a predator check feature link that enables the administrator to access the U.S. Department of Justice’s sexual predator database and assure new visitors are not registered child sexual offenders. These features along with its ease of use and low cost have resulted in CCSS being used by thousands of schools nationwide and winning District Magazine’s Top 100 product award for 2010.

Generally, schools install CCSS on a stand-alone PC in the office area as a kiosk. Visitors simply click on a button to check in, fill in their name and other information (like reason for visit or location), and then click another button to take their photo and print a visitor’s badge. Badges are printed on a Dymo thermal printer with the school’s name, visitor’s name, location and date stamp. Check out is also a few simple mouse clicks by the visitor. There is even an enhanced feature that automatically checks out frequent visitors, like mentors, at a predetermined time. Names can be preloaded in the administrative module so users just select their name from a drop down list and click to sign in or out. Other data can be collected too, like mileage or project tasks.

Within the student module, schools can easily track tardy and early dismissal students so they no longer have to keep separate logs. Parents click on the Student button, fill in their child’s name and reason. Then, they click to log the record and take their photo. The photo gives schools proof of who picked up or dropped off the child.

All of the information gathered by the CCSS software makes reporting quick and easy with the data safely stored on the school’s computer. Reports can be run by visitor types, dates, names and more. This makes compliance easy because administrators and authorized personnel can run separate reports for volunteers, students, PTA, contractors or other visitors.

Investment in using CCSS is minimal. Any PC running MS XP or Vista will run CCSS software. Most schools can find an extra used PC on campus or get a parent or local business to donate one. The only other required cost is a Dymo printer to print visitor labels, which costs about $100. All other equipment is optional and relatively inexpensive.

Any school can get more information and copy of this comprehensive software by simply going to Ident-A-Kid’s web site,, and ordering it. Not only is the software free, but Ident-A-Kid offers free upgrades and toll free support (800-890-1000).


Ident-A-Kid Services of America, Inc., headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL, is the nation’s largest child identification program with over 200 locations throughout the United States and offers services to approximately 10 million parents annually.

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