Berkeley, California – May 11, 2011 – Results released from an independent study conducted during the 2010-2011 school year show that struggling math students who used Catchup Math’s online intervention service made significant knowledge gains in a short amount of time. The study, led by researcher Dr. Sarah Chance, Director of Research at Chance Consulting, involved more than 20,000 student test outcomes nationwide.

The study covered five different mathematics programs within Catchup Math for Grade 6 Math through Algebra 2. Each program consisted of six sections; each section covered roughly one-sixth of the curricular material from a typical course or textbook. The metrics quantified the improvement in test scores as well as the average number of days of usage of the online service to achieve the passing scores.

To measure improvements, students involved in the study completed pre- and post-tests within Catchup Math. Based on incorrect answers in the pre-tests, student were immediately prescribed review topics delivered online via written and video lessons, activities, math games, and required practice problems with tutorial explanations. When students failed a quiz, they were required to complete their prescribed review, and then given a similar but different quiz. If a post-test was failed again, the cycle of review and post-test continued until a post-test was passed. Upon passing a section of the program, students were advanced to the next section of the program.

Results: the results indicate that students with failing scores averaging 40% were able to improve their scores by 38% to passing scores of 78%. Furthermore, the transition from failing to passing a section corresponding to one-sixth of a full math course was achieved in 3.7 sessions. Dr. Chance concluded that “remedial students can successfully pass quizzes that they originally failed by learning from online programs such as Catchup Math.” The study can be found at

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