FORT PIERCE, FL.– May 18, 2011 – Skyward, Inc., together with Florida’s St. Lucie County Public Schools has set a high standard when it comes to maximizing Highly Qualified (HQ) and out-of-field state reporting efficiencies. In 2008, the 36,000-plus student district purchased Skyward’s School Management System to manage the district’s student, business, food service and special education data. Eager to take advantage of Skyward’s user-led enhancement process, St. Lucie provided valuable insight for development of an electronic reporting process within Skyward’s School Management System that streamlined the U.S. Department of Education’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) HQ teacher reporting compliance process. To date, St. Lucie is successfully adhering to the NCLB reporting requirements and mitigating any potential funding losses due to HQ non-compliance.

“From a process management perspective, at a time when budgets are drastically reduced, we are all doing more with less,” Terence O’Leary, St. Lucie County Public Schools, Assistant Superintendent of Information & Instructional Technology said. “By doing more with less, it is sometimes possible to miss important data, particularly relative to reporting requirements. This improved process has allowed us to identify a new system, efficiently and productively, to make sure we’re still accomplishing the work even at a time when our budget and workforce have been extremely reduced.”

In accordance with NCLB, U.S. DOE mandated in 2001 that all educators teaching core academic subjects at a Title I school meet HQ standards. In the case that a teacher does not meet these standards, the district has a twenty school day deadline to inform parents of their student’s teacher’s non-HQ status. Failure to meet these requirements, as well as document proof of parent notification, can wreak penalties in the form of Title I funding losses. While the exact definitions of HQ, reporting timelines and associated penalties vary slightly from state-to-state, a streamlined reporting compliance process can minimize potential losses in funding for school districts across the country.

Given that St. Lucie administrators support 42 schools and around 2,500 educators, HQ monitoring was previously a time-consuming, multi-person task that reflected poorly on the quality of reported data. Their new approach is possible because Skyward’s School Management System can integrate student information with financial and human resources data as one solution. By integrating their administrative software needs under one system, St. Lucie is able to relate teacher certification data stored in the human resources area with teacher schedules that are maintained in the student information area. Now, St. Lucie Public Schools has one point person that can run a single HQ report that consolidates teacher certification and scheduling information providing confidence in the reliability of the data. Along with the increase in reliability, results can also be disseminated electronically to the various school building level administrators, who then relay parent notifications. The new system simultaneously tracks Florida DOE Out-of-Field compliance data as well.

“Technology in general, and certainly K-12 administrative software, cannot be static in its capabilities,” Jon Oliver, Skyward’s Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations said. “The collaborative efforts of our state reporting experts and those of St. Lucie’s administrators and data specialists have shown once again how crucial user-led enhancements are to the ongoing success for districts around the globe. This is a great example of how Skyward software is always changing in order to meet the state-specific needs of districts.”

For more information about St. Lucie County Public Schools’ new HQ and Out-of-Field reporting process, please contact Marla Grant, compliance specialist and data analyst for St. Lucie Schools, at or 772.429.3973. To learn more about Skyward’s state and federal reporting features, visit

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