Stop motion animation in the US classroom is now easier than ever with Stop Motion Pro.

Sunderland, VT, May 17, 2011 – Tool Factory announced today that it is now offering Stop Motion Pro animation software for classroom use. Stop Motion Pro, used by Aardman Animations in the production of the Wallace & Gromit films, provides learners with an intuitive user interface that allows them create powerful cross-curricular animated projects with ease.

Using a video camera, digital still camera or webcam, a Windows PC and Stop Motion Pro, learners create digital stories and animated projects by capturing one frame of their character or subject, making a small change, and then capturing another frame to build the illusion of movement. The frames are stored on the computer, and sophisticated tools like Onionskin make it easy to compare the current frame with the one previously taken, while Chroma key (blue / greenscreen) allows for simple integration of special effects.

Stop Motion Pro’s language options (English, Spanish, German, and French) make it an appropriate choice for classrooms with multiple language learners and ELL / ESL students, and educators working with special needs students will appreciate the program as both a framework for discussion and creative play and a tool for fostering communication and cooperation.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Stop Motion Pro to educators,” said Kendra Ericson, Tool Factory’s Director of Educational Services. “Stop motion animation is a powerful cross-curricular tool because it can be applied to any content area, and Stop Motion Pro combines ease of use with robust controls, making it simple for learners of all ages and ability level to turn out professional quality animations.”

“Tool Factory’s commitment to providing high quality technology resources to educators made them an ideal choice,” said Stop Motion Pro Director Paul Howell. “We’re excited to work with Tool Factory to bring US educators all the tools they need to effectively integrate stop motion animation into everyday classroom use.”

Stop Motion Pro comes in five editions, ensuring there is a version well suited to all levels of education from elementary through post secondary institutions. The versions include Action!, Action! Plus, Action! HD, Studio HD Commercial, and Studio HD Education.

For more information on Stop Motion Pro, visit the Tool Factory website at

Educational pricing starts at $70.

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Stop Motion Pro (, produces world-leading software for stop motion animation production. Stop Motion Pro has become an industry standard for teaching animation techniques in schools and universities around the world, and animation studios have embraced Stop Motion Pro with feature films, television series and commercials utilizing this innovative technology.

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