This is your brain on Twitter

In his latest column for The New York Times Magazine, Bill Keller, The Times’s executive editor, likens clearing the way for his 13-year-old daughter to join Facebook to handing her “a pipe of crystal meth,” reports the New York Times. I can’t say I have ever tried crystal meth, but I do visit social networks on a regular basis. Twitter, which Mr. Keller says he believes could make us “stupid,” has become an irreplaceable part of my daily life; it augments how I report stories, socialize with friends and share and consume everything from store coupons to breaking news. Before I embraced the social flow of information on the web, the bulk of my news came from the printed newspapers and magazines that arrived on my doorstep. Now this news is sliced and diced by my social circle, with the most important pieces of content from around the web being presented to me like a neatly wrapped present each time I check my feed…

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