(Chicago)– New Dimension Media is helping teachers create interactive lesson plans incorporating streaming media, interactive whiteboard technology, and Web 2.0 through a new professional development program. Under this program, New Dimension Media representatives travel to CCC!-subscribing schools and school districts to train educators on these new technologies, provide model lesson plans, and share cutting-edge classroom technology practices. Often, schools can access their staff development budget to cover the associated fees for these visits.

“New Dimension Media is committed to providing educators with all the tools they need to maximize the impact of integrated media technology in their classrooms,” said Melissa Moreland, Vice President of Acquisitions and Program Development for New Dimension Media. “Our new program allows us to do this in the most hands-on way possible—by providing model lesson plans, instructional technology training in person, and helping teachers learn how to create high quality lesson plans themselves that are filled with CCC! digital content.”

“According to the March/April 2010 issue of The Journal of the American Association of School Librarians, many teachers lack a robust pedagogy around the use of moving images in the classroom because most colleges of education still focus on exclusively on print media,” said Jo-Ann Kratz Senior Vice President, Curriculum and Technology for New Dimension Media. “We see our new personalized development service as helping to fill that gap in training.”

“Our new training program has had a really positive response so far,” said Mary Isenburg, NDM’s Regional Education Director. “At a recent training for The Math and Science Teacher Partnership at the Southeast Service Cooperative in Rochester, Minnesota, we saw tremendous engagement from teachers who were eager to learn more about creating interactive lesson plans using CCC! and Web 2.0 tools, and to share other best practices around streaming media in the classroom.”

For more information about New Dimension Media’s new professional development services, contact Melissa Moreland at 312.397.2151 or mmoreland@ndmquestar.com.

About New Dimension Media: Founded in 1978, New Dimension Media, a division of Questar, Inc., has been the K-12 content leader and premier producer and distributor of original core curriculum media content for over 30 years. NDM programs have been used in over 100,000 schools nationwide. NDM programs have won over 100 of the industry’s most prestigious honors, including the CINE Golden Eagle and the Golden Apple and an Academy Award. NDM content is used in thousands of schools around the country. For more information, go to www.cccvod.com.


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