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Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching Now Available in Teachscape Reflect 360-Degree Video Analysis System

District- and state-specific frameworks and other observational protocols can also be integrated in the Reflect system

SAN FRANCISCO, May 24, 2011 – Teachscape®, the leader in delivering web-based professional learning content, innovative technologies, and expert services to improve teaching practice, has integrated Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching into Teachscape Reflect’s online software. The integration of the Framework for Teaching with Teachscape Reflect’s 360-degree panoramic classroom video sharpens the lens through which one can analyze teaching, and provides a research-based foundation for systematic and scalable observations of instructional practices.

Teachscape Reflect, the first solution to combine state-of-the-art 360-degree video capture hardware and online software, enables teachers to reflect on their own teaching, share instructional practices, and receive timely coaching support. After panoramic classroom video is captured and uploaded, teachers can review the footage, comment on their practices, and share their videos with other teachers, coaches, and principals.

The embedding of Danielson’s Framework for Teaching into Teachscape Reflect further enhances the professional learning process by providing educators with a research-based framework against which videos can be evaluated. Educators can use the Framework for Teaching or their own custom frameworks for formative assessments of teaching practice or for formalized, summative teacher evaluation systems. Teachers will also have the ability to share panoramic videos with peers or instructional leaders to elicit feedback on a specific area of practice.

“Our video capture hardware and online software system provides educators with a unique window into their own teaching practices by providing personalized video footage of themselves in the classroom,” said Kathy Yates, Teachscape’s CEO. “Integrating Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching into Teachscape Reflect provides schools and districts with a comprehensive, research-based and highly-individualized approach to professional learning and evaluation, while helping teachers and administrators develop a common language for discussions around effective teaching practices.”

The Danielson Framework for Teaching, a well-respected, research-based tool to evaluate instruction, covers four domains of teacher responsibility – planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities. The Framework for Teaching provides consistent standards for teacher observations, acts as a foundation for school- and district-based mentoring and coaching programs, and encourages professional conversations around improving teaching and learning. The Framework will be activated for Reflect customers upon request.

In addition to the integration of Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, Teachscape can now also integrate custom rubrics created by districts, schools, and states into the Reflect software. This means that district-specific and state-specific frameworks and other observational protocols can be used to score and evaluate panoramic videos of teaching practice.

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About Charlotte Danielson
Charlotte Danielson is an educational consultant who has worked as a teacher and administrator in school districts in several regions of the United States. In addition, she has served as a consultant to hundreds of districts, universities, intermediate agencies, and state departments of education in virtually every state and in many countries. This work has ranged from the training of practitioners in aspects of instruction and assessment, the design of instruments and procedures for teacher evaluation, to keynote presentations at major conferences. Clients for the development of materials and training programs include ASCD, the College Board, Educational Testing Service, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. For more information on Ms. Danielson and her work, visit the Danielson Group at

About Teachscape
Teachscape uniquely combines innovative technology, engaging content and expert services to develop great teachers. From its Classroom Walkthrough technology, to its powerful web-based content delivery platform, to its online masters programs, Teachscape’s award-winning products and services have been inspired by its dedication to sparking transformative change in teaching practice. Since 1999, Teachscape has worked with schools and school districts, charter networks, archdioceses, universities and state education departments to measurably and continuously improve the effectiveness of teachers and instructional leaders to produce gains in student achievement. Teachscape’s partners include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Stanford University, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Charlotte Danielson to help shape its vision, its products, and its strategies. For more information, visit Teachscape at
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