Because few states are meeting the Title III accountability marks of No Child Left Behind, accelerating the progress of English learners has become an urgent objective for school districts across the country. Many schools are already seeing positive results with language and literacy software solution Imagine Learning English.

Provo, UT May 24, 2011

The majority of states are not meeting achievement standards for English learners, according to the most recent biennial report to Congress from the U.S. Department of Education. The standards, outlined in the Title III section of No Child Left Behind, hold states accountable for the progress and proficiency of their English learners. To meet these goals, many districts are turning to language and literacy software solution Imagine Learning English.

In a recent article published by Education Week, assistant editor Mary Ann Zehr reported that only 11 states met No Child Left Behind accountability goals for English learners during the 2007–08 school year. With the number of English learners attending public schools on the rise, schools are seeking innovative solutions. Imagine Learning English is helping them meet the federal requirements.

For example, in Chula Vista Elementary School District — California’s largest elementary school district — Imagine Learning English has helped to improve English learner test scores on the state English language development and language arts tests. In 2010, beginning English learners who used Imagine Learning English improved their CELDT scores by 242 percent more than a sample of their peers who did not use the program. For the state language arts test, the increase was even greater—beginning English learners improved their scores by 285 percent more than a sample of their peers who did not use the program.

Francisco Velasco was one of the first principals in the district to implement Imagine Learning English at his school. “You have to have a plan,” he said. “Seventy-one percent of our students come to us not speaking English; we looked at Imagine Learning English and decided it was the perfect tool for us.”

In 2006, two schools in Chula Vista Elementary School District started using Imagine Learning English. The program is now used in 43 of the district’s 44 schools.

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