Computers for Youth Surveyed 345 Parents regarding 45 Software Titles

Carbondale, Colorado – May 25, 2011 – Parents chose Digital Directions International’s HELP Math for ELL and Special Needs as the most helpful software program more often than any of 45 other software programs in a survey by Computers for Youth (CFY). The survey asked 345 parents who received free CFY Home Learning Centers which of the installed software programs was most helpful for their child’s success in school. HELP Math was mentioned significantly more than the next mentioned software title.

CFY is a national non-profit that helps low-income children do better in school by improving their learning environment at home. One of CFY’s initiatives is to provide low-income families with training and Home Learning Centers preloaded with 45 educational software titles, including HELP Math, and to provide teachers with training on using digital learning resources to extend learning to the home. CFY has initiatives in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia and the San Francisco Bay Area and will serve more than 15,000 students and their families and teachers during the 2010-2011 school year. The study was done across all five of these cities.

One parent, Lisa Wilson from Atlanta, praised both CFY and HELP Math. She said “My daughter had always been a good student, but last year she struggled in math. With the help of the computer at home we were able to bring her grades back up. CFY and the HELP Math software helped me help my daughter. Her confidence level went up last year after she was able to get the math. It was like a light bulb went on in her head. ‘Oh, I get it now’”.

“My students use HELP Math all the time at home, both to get assistance on difficult concepts and to build their skills before unit exams,” said Chelsea Belz, a 6th Grade Math teacher at one of CFY’s partner schools, the Bronx Early College Academy Middle School in NYC School District. “The program helps to break down math by specific concepts, with beginner, intermediate, and advanced applications. With the aid of the program students are taking the initiative to find the answers to math problems.”

John Barnes, Principal at the Academy, added “CFY along with HELP Math has helped us to improve our home to school connection. Students and parents can find solutions to math problems with HELP Math. Home Learning Centers provided by CFY are a tool our students can use at home and school.”

DDI is the creator of HELP Math for ELL and Special Needs, a web-based math intervention for ELL and other struggling learners. HELP Math is ideal for inclusive classrooms because it is able to differentiate instruction and create individualized learning pathways based on the specific background knowledge and academic vocabulary that students need to reach grade-level proficiency in math. The intervention enables teachers to effortlessly target and fill the specific learning gaps of their students. Gold standard research has proven the effectiveness of HELP Math in improving the math achievement of ELL and other students with math difficulties. A video showing HELP Math being used in a classroom can be viewed through this link: HELP Math Video.

“This distinction means so much to the HELP Math team. The program was designed to help students in precisely this way. This strong positive response for HELP Math from parents also corresponds with our studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of HELP Math in schools” said Dr. Barbara Freeman, creator of HELP Math and COO of Digital Directions International. “Research has proven that HELP Math for ELL and Special Needs makes a difference in students’ math ability and now we have data that shows that parents have found this fact to be true in the home environment as well.”

About the HELP Math Program
HELP (Help for English Language Proficiency) MATH for ELL and Special Needs is a web-based math intervention designed to address the needs of both English Language and other struggling learners to reach proficiency. Developed according to Sheltered Instruction principles, HELP Math is proven effective for students in grades 3-8 who need to develop the academic language and concepts in the math content area. HELP Math is the only multimedia, internet-delivered math program that embeds research-based principles found to be successful for ELL and special needs content area achievement. Visit to learn more.

About DDI
Digital Directions International, Inc. is a socially-responsible, educational technology pioneer and publisher of digital educational content focused on developing and co-distributing online supplemental and educational intervention software products in mathematics. DDI is a thought-leader in developing solutions that address the unique requirements ELL and special needs students have in learning math and has been awarded several Federal Grants to continue their cutting edge research.

About Computers For Youth (CFY)
CFY is the nation’s leader in improving the Home Learning Environment of low-income schoolchildren. With operations in New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area, CFY works in partnership with public schools to provide the key ingredients to extend classroom learning to the home: a home computer loaded with selected educational software; online family learning services; hands-on training designed to help parents become more effective learning partners; and workshops for teachers to create stronger school-home connections. CFY also provides an open learning K-12 educational platform,, which provides easy access to hundreds of the best free online educational resources curated by CFY. To extend the impact of its work, CFY also operates an Affiliate Network of nearly 40 organizations in more than 20 states and the District of Columbia. For more information, please visit

HELP Math for ELL and Special Needs is distributed in the U.S. by Academic Business Advisors. Please contact Alan Stern at ABA for more information;, 516-429-1877.

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