BURNSVILLE, Minn. (May 25, 2011) – Providing more quality e-resources for schools and libraries from respected educational publishers, Mackin Educational Resources has now added Marshall Cavendish to its collection of over 19,000 ebooks.

Marshall Cavendish ebooks offer the complete text and images from the Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, Reference, and Children’s imprints titles. Students and educators are able to search across the entire ebook platform and/or within an individual ebook. These ebooks offer the option to create, store, and sort bookmarks and notes, view the books in zoomable single- or double-page format, and print text and images.

More information along with Marshall Cavendish ebook demos can be viewed at: Mackin.com.

To ensure cost-effectiveness and convenience, Mackin’s ebooks feature unlimited simultaneous access, meaning multiple students can use the ebook at the same time from any Internet-connected computer. This access enables schools to use ebooks in the library or classroom without need of a checkout system.

“We’re continually listening to educators to determine what their needs and budgets are,” said Mackin president Randal Heise. “Ebooks are becoming an important aspect of many schools, so we are continuing to offer more ebook and interactive ebook products from the most respected sources.”

Mackin Educational Resources has been providing library and classroom materials to PK-12 schools for 26 years. Known for its unparalleled customer care and customization, Mackin provides library and classroom books, ebooks and online databases, DVDs and more to schools around the globe.

For more information or to order, go to Mackin.com or call 800-245-9540.


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