It is certainly recognized that Florida Career College’s commitment to Education is its main objective.

At Florida Career College, the main focus is on the education and preparation of the students in order for them to play an intergral part of society once they have graduated. If it really is your perception that a highschool education is therefore not adequate for getting a foothold within the existing workforce, it follows that The College is thus the perfect place to get a non-traditional post-secondary professional education.

Florida Career College not only offers smaller classes, but also a faculty of experienced staff and on-site practical laboritory experience. At Florida Career College you will experience an incredibly helpful and condusive atmosphere for learning. Furthermore this is the case in all departments, including healthcare, business, information technology and cosmetology. These programs are particularly successful in forming bonds with all the local business community, which as a result leads to a greater percentage of post-graduation job opportunities for those students.

The Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) recognises 8 of the campuses while the 9th is accredited by the United States Department of Education along with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

It is very important to understand that among the 1000’s of students attending Florida Career College every year, many come from largely uneducated backgrounds and are amongst the 1st members of their families to enter into post-secondary education in a bid to boost their skillset and achieve a more successful career. Florida Career College proudly boasts a 28-year track record for educating students with the help of their excellent curriculum and staff and helping these students achieve their dreams and goals.

Within the education sector, students attending Career Colleges are usually working adults who wish to get an education that is linked to their professional goals will aid their careers.

Let us recap, around half of the students attending Floriday Career College are amongst the first people in their families to attain a college education. Approximately three quarters of the student body are actively employed whilst studying. The higher graduation and post-graduation employment statistics are higher for Career Colleges than Community Colleges. Finally, graduates are known to earn higher salaries and play a more active roll in society than they would have if they had not entered into higher education.

Florida Nursing Schools is the perfect way to meet your educational goals. Florida Business Colleges and Miami College Maintain a qualified, caring faculty and staff dedicated to the personal and professional development of each student.

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