AEE said that a large number of the assessments currently used by states for accountability purposes under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) don’t measure the deeper learning skills that colleges and professionals look for. However, the group holds out hope that the $330 million the federal government has just invested in developing new assessments that measure the full range of college and career readiness will result in new tests that can measure these skills.

“True deeper learning is developing competencies that enable graduating high school students to be college and career ready and then make maximum use of their knowledge in life and in work,” Wise said.

With the upcoming reauthorization of ESEA, the brief said, federal lawmakers have the ability to create opportunities for states to create the policies that deeper learning requires.

AEE held a webinar in February discussing how deeper learning can increase economic opportunity and prepare students for a globally competitive workforce. Video from the webinar is available here.