Mohali, India; Concord, NC–(June 3 2011):, a web-based education platform, just released the WizIQ Virtual Classroom Building Block module for the Blackboard learning environment. The WizIQ Virtual Classroom Building Block allows Blackboard Learn (Releases 9.0 and 9.1) users to schedule and launch live classes or view recordings of past classes by simply clicking on the links in their Blackboard accounts. Users can easily schedule and manage classes, enter live classes, view attendance reports, and much more.

WizIQ Virtual Classroom Building Block for Blackboard Learn features include:
• Fast, simple setup: The Building Block can be downloaded, deployed, and configured in just a few minutes
• WizIQ Virtual Classroom can be accessed without additional authentication or duplication of user databases
• Teachers, moderators, and course builders can schedule and manage classes, enter live classes, view attendance reports, and past class recordings from within Blackboard Learn, Releases 9.0 and 9.1
• Instructors can view attendance reports for each class from within Blackboard
• Advanced communication features such as web camera sharing, VoIP audio communications, text chat and even screen and application sharing across computing platforms are available for real-time collaboration
• Instructors can share PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and YouTube videos from inside the WizIQ Virtual Classroom with all users in the class
• Advanced whiteboard utilities built into WizIQ Virtual Classroom including drawing and math tools are available for a richer learning experience
• Instructors can allow students to use their microphone or web camera and can hand off writing tools for the virtual whiteboard
• Instructors and students can view recordings of the classes

WizIQ Virtual Classroom for Blackboard Learn integration

WizIQ Virtual Classroom provides a completely integrated workflow with the Blackboard Learn platform. The close integration of WizIQ Virtual Classroom with Blackboard frees teachers to focus on their teaching instead of the technology.

The integration provides a means for Blackboard Learn administrators to easily install the WizIQ Virtual Classroom Building Block; allow instructors, teaching assistants and course builders to schedule classes as part of their course offering through a streamlined, highly organized interface; and enable students to enter live classes and view past class recordings directly from the list of Live and Upcoming classes and their course calendar, all via single-sign on through the Blackboard Learn Solution.

For comprehensive information on prerequisites, installation, configuration and integration, please see the Blackboard Building Block guide.

About WizIQ
WizIQ is an online learning and teaching platform that connects educators and students through its Virtual Classroom technology. WizIQ is the only software as-a-service-based Web 2.0 network enabling educators and students to meet online in real time for virtual classes as well as for teaching asynchronously through tutorials and online assessments.

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