Ten of the best school-reform ideas from readers

3. Boost students’ access to the internet at school and at home.

An earlier suggestion was to make sure there are computer centers for students in low-income areas—but William Burkhead, assistant principal at Plymouth North High School in Massachusetts, would take that one step further.

“Get every student in America online access at school and at home,” he wrote. “The World Wide Web represents a fountain of knowledge, in the form of information, research, innovation, communication, and growth. I believe this to be a fundamental right of ALL students. Kids without access to the WWW are at a distinct disadvantage and represent the chasm we have in achievement gaps. This is a solid starting point for reform, as it levels the playing field for all students. Before we can talk about having an iPad in every student’s hand at school, let’s make sure every student has access to the world [from wherever they are].”

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