For our next Twitter chat hour, Managing Editor Laura Devaney will take questions from readers and share her ed-tech insights from 1-2 p.m. ET on June 9.

Readers who follow us on Twitter are especially interested in new eLearning tools, mobile devices, and game-based learning strategies, as evidenced by the questions we received during our first live Twitter chat hour with readers.

Hosted by Editor Dennis Pierce, the April 26 session gave readers a chance to submit questions and engage in an online dialogue about new trends and recent developments in education technology. The event took place entirely on Twitter and was so well received that we plan on making it a regular feature.

For our next Twitter chat hour, Managing Editor Laura Devaney will take questions from readers and share her ed-tech insights from 1-2 p.m. Eastern time on June 9.

Here’s a partial transcript of the April session, which touched on the rise of “bring your own tool” (BYOT) policies in K-12 education, and the implications these raise for schools; whether Amazon’s recent troubles might discourage schools from pursuing cloud-based computing initiatives; and much more.

CBlohmAssoc: Q for #esnedchat and Dennis at @eschoolnews—do you think the public’s perception of eLearning is changing? For better or worse?

eSchoolNews: @CBlohmAssoc, yes I do, esp. among parents: See results of latest SpeakUp survey … 5x more parents now support eLearning.

eSchoolNews: @Careermerger asked for recs on new eLearning tools: check out,; anyone else have suggestions?

adisackn: @eschoolnews @Careermerger For eLearning tools, especially online formative assessments, take a look at

lightspeedsys: @eschoolnews what do you think of iPads in the classrooms? A game changer? Or just a fad?

eSchoolNews: @lightspeedsys iPads can be a game changer, tho pricey. Hopefully release of more Android tablets will help bring prices down.

s_bearden: iPad is definitely not a fad, but it will only be a game changer depending on what the teachers do with them.

adisackn: I agree. What are teachers doing with iPads today? What tools do they have?

drthomasho: @adisackn @s_bearden I’m working on this project:

ckoos1: @s_Bearden some tchrs are creating stories w/students on iPads. Can be highly motivational way to get kids writing.

myMinaK: I’ve found WordQ to be a great tool to encourage innovative writing

lightspeedsys: @eschoolnews What do you say to those who think technology like iPads are too much of a distraction for students?

drthomasho: @lightspeedsys @eschoolnews BOREDOM is too much of a distraction for students!!!

eSchoolNews: @drthomasho good response!

s_bearden: @eschoolnews I would say it is just the opposite, we find them to be more engaged in their own learning.

bmanchee: @eschoolnews Can you discuss cutting-edge use of game design & educational games?

eSchoolNews: @bmanchee: Some educational game design resources: Anyone know of others?

eSchoolNews: @bmanchee see also this new national contest:

chasinggodot: @eschoolnews What are your thoughts on 1:1 mobile computing in classrooms?