The Roland VR-5 is an ideal educational tool for: Sporting Events, Music/Drama, News/Media Production, Distance Learning. This “all-in-one” audio and video solution greatly simplifies production, recording and streaming of any live event. The VR-5’s innovative design incorporates a video switcher, audio mixer, video playback, recorder, preview monitors and output for web streaming all in a single unit. As a USB Video/Audio class device, streaming is effortless by simply connecting to a computer running a video streaming service such as Livestream, USTREAM, or or any streaming service of your choice.  The built in  media recorder allows you to record your events to SD cards that are commonly used in digital cameras.

The VR-5 simplifies hardware equipment, reduces setup time and provides a multitude of audio and video connections ensuring a worry-free, easy to use solution for any event. Portable live video production, recording, playback and streaming that is simple and easy to use for students, faculty, volunteers, or any media staff. The Roland VR-5 will extend your reach for any live or recorded school event.

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