“Superintendent of the Year” and Leadership Team to Speak about Results

Phoenix, AZ (June 6, 2011) – Dorchester School District Two recently achieved unprecedented gains on middle schools’ state report cards. Five of the district’s six middle schools moved from “Average” to “Good” on their 2010 state improvement ratings. The five improved schools received the South Carolina Palmetto Silver Award for general performance, with three of them also receiving a Silver Award for closing the achievement gap.

Dorchester’s sixth middle school maintained an “Excellent” improvement rating and received the South Carolina Palmetto Gold Award both for general performance and closing the achievement gap. Based in part on the growth in middle schools, the District’s Annual School Report Card improved to an absolute rating of “Good” and a growth rating of “Excellent.”

Dorchester District Two Superintendent Joseph Pye, who last week was announced as “2012 Superintendent of the Year” by the South Carolina Association of School Administrators (SCASA), gives credit for the gains to his outstanding staff and their implementation of an instructional process called TargetTeach®. “I couldn’t be more proud of the District Two employees who have worked so hard to help district performance grow while compensating for state budget cuts over the past few years. During this same time, thanks to the dedication of our leadership team and teachers, we have seen improved instruction and exceptional growth in middle schools built around the TargetTeach® process.“

According to Mr. Pye, middle schools in Dorchester have a laser-like focus for instruction because of the TargetTeach® process from Evans Newton Incorporated (ENI). “Since organizing middle school efforts around TargetTeach®, collaboration among our middle school teams and PLCs (professional learning communities) has soared. Teachers and leaders are using student data and best instructional practices to guide their shared planning discussions. The results really show the impact.”

ENI’s President, Tami Zale, said, “ENI is grateful to play a part in the success of Dorchester School District Two. We have enjoyed working with Superintendent Pye and congratulate him on his well-deserved award. Through dedication to the success of Dorchester’s students, Mr. Pye and his leadership team have attained exceptional results.”

Members of the Dorchester Two leadership team will be making a presentation titled, “Alignment, Coaching, and Collaboration Yield Success,” on Thursday, June 23, at 11:00 a.m. during the week long SCASA Summer Leadership Institute in Myrtle Beach. In addition, Mr. Pye will be presented with his award on Tuesday, June 21, at the 8:00 a.m. General Session of the conference.

About Dorchester School District Two
Dorchester School District Two is one of the fastest growing school districts in South Carolina with more than 22,700 students enrolled in 21 schools. They have one of the lowest per pupil expenditures in South Carolina. The district is located 22 miles West of Charleston and consists of 11 elementary, 6 middle, 3 high schools and 1 alternative program.

About Evans Newton Incorporated
Since 1973, the professionals at ENI have been working with schools to improve student achievement using innovative, customized programs tailored to state objectives and standardized tests. Our TargetTeach® process has been used by schools and districts across the country to create dramatic improvement in student performance while empowering teachers and school leaders by establishing a research-based foundation for sustainable change.


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